Remembering why Jesus came

Look around…see the reasons, the people, that caused Jesus to leave perfection and enter the messy world we live in.

Find a few more people, a few more reasons, at  The pictures are hard to look at, and unfortunately, they are also just the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe this hits me hard because I’ve seen it live, and the reality is horrifying.  In the South African village clinic I visited, there was a TB room that was jam-packed with people receiving treatment.  For the number of people in that treatment room, though, there had to be a greater number of people unable to get to the clinic and therefore, treatment.  Most people with AIDS don’t die from the disease directly; they die from an opportunistic infection like tuberculosis. Extremely Drug-Resistent Tuberculosis (XDRTB) develops when the first and second strains of TB are treated improperly.  Someone dies from TB every 20 seconds.

I debated posting this today, on Christmas Eve.  Then I remembered that there’s no hope for those infected with TB, no hope for you, and no hope for me, except through the advent of Jesus the first time to make salvation possible and the advent of Jesus the second time to make shalom, life-encompassing peace, a world-wide reality.  In the meantime, we can pray for His kingdom to come to earth and let it come in and through us.

On that note, may your Christmas be filled with the heart understanding that God is with us.  May you experience not only the joy of the season but also the joy of right relationship with God through His Son, Jesus.  Joy to the world, because the Lord is come!